Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello, what's all this then?

I suppose to kick off the party it'd be a good idea to write a word or two (or more) explaining what this blog is all about, on the off chance someone might stumble in here from the cold and wonder. Thus, I do believe that here I will now do just so.

The idea to start keeping a blog of some kind has been with me for a long time now, but never actually got realized. I’m a person who makes a lot of plans, but is ever less likely to actually act upon them. However there’s no a time like the present, so a few days ago I figured, what the hey.

So what might one in the future be finding upon this hallowed page? Well, that kind of depends. If I get bored of this thing fast, as I must admit is likely, you probably won’t be finding a lot apart from a treatise on Bob Dylan’s merits as a poet and musician (which I’ve as good as finished writing) and potentially a short analysis of the trailer for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit (which I plan to write).

If I manage to keep it at though, then likely you’ll find quite a lot of stuff. I’m a guy who’s interested in a great number of things and likes to have an opinion on many of them, and I’ve long thought that working through and developing these opinions by putting them into writing might be an interesting intellectual exercise and create some order in the chaos that is my mind.

"Y'gotta have an opinion", says Vincent Vega to the man in the back of the car - though then again, I suppose we all know how that ended. 

The subtitle for this blog says “enthousiasm, pop culture, art, criticism.” Pop culture and art (pop culture moreso than art, though I think much of pop culture CAN be considered art, but that’s a topic for another day) is what I mainly expect to write about. This might be further subdivided into film, television, music, literature, video games, and the occasional everything. Enthousiasm is the means through which I expect to express my opinion, as I think it very important for people to be enthousiastic about things. Criticism is the form in which I hope my opinions might manifest themselves, though it’s often more likely to be gushy praise: I like more things than I dislike, or at least am more likely to talk about the things I like.

I don’t expect anyone to read this stuff, as it’s all likely to be extremely inconsequential. And though I’d like it to be read frankly it doesn’t have to be, I write it for myself first and foremost. But if you find yourself intrigued, please join me on this trip into the matters that preoccupy my silly brain.

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